Smoked Pork Spare Ribs - pic by Elena N. on Yelp - Hardwood Bar & Smokery in San Francisco

Hardwood Bar & Smokery in San Francisco

The world is your oyster when you live at Astella Apartments. Sample the best your new city offers, like Hardwood Bar & Smokery in San Francisco. Enjoy a night out with friends, then retreat to the sanctuary of your new luxury apartment. Life is better here. Isn’t it time you enjoyed yourself?

Hardwood Bar & Smokery

Hardwood Bar & Smokery is the best spot for Bay Area BBQ, craft beer, and cocktails. In their words,”​Opened in 2017 by all Bay Area natives, Hardwood has one goal in mind – to provide some good old-fashioned Bay Area hospitability the best way we know how – through food and drinks! As an area known for its diversity, unity, and culture, we wanted to build and grow a place that could embody those qualities and truly be “home” to everyone. – Come by and enjoy great food, great drinks, and great vibes!”

Unforgettable Dining in San Francisco

Jessica U. shares“Decided to give this place a try for our Friday night date night in SF after a long day of work. We were in the mood for some bbq and decided to give this small bar a shot based on the reviews. Walking in this bar had a cool vibe that you can have a group of friends grab a beer or a cocktail and some good food. Overall we enjoyed the whole vibe and food of this bar. We would make our way back if ever in the mood for some good bbq. I even originally had a reservation for International Smokehouse but decided this was more our type of place for bbq and was happy we ended up here instead.”

Local Eats

You can find whatever you are craving nearby when you live in San Francisco. From upscale dining to low-key favorites, you can enjoy it all close to home. So gather your friends and work on your go-to list for local eats once you make your move into Astella Apartments.

Enjoy the Hardwood Bar & Smokery in San Francisco once you make your move into new luxury digs at Astella Apartments. Schedule your tour today!