In-House Treats at Telescope Coffee

In-House Treats at Telescope Coffee

When you need to perk up your lifestyle, you need the relaxing comforts of a new address at Astella Apartments. Not only can you enjoy premium apartment features, but also neighborhood gems you can’t find anywhere else. Boost your mornings with the in-house treats at Telescope Coffee for a caffeinated cup like no other. Elevate your lifestyle today!

Nearby Treats

Telescope Coffee is unique even by San Francisco standards. In their words, “Founded in 2021, Telescope Coffee is a POC women-owned business. Telescope Coffee is a partnership between two childhood best friends, both born and raised in San Francisco. Telescope Coffee is a scope into our lives, from our travels to childhood classics. We want to offer nostalgic items that people could relate to in their ways.”

Telescope Coffee

Kristen J. shares her experience“Discovered this little coffee spot over on IG for their honeycomb latte a few months back! Love their passion for starting their business as it is Asian women-owned, and they source their products from local farms and businesses. Although this spot is far for me, it a great spot for a quick coffee run if you’re around the area, or even if you’re nearby for jury duty. Pastries are made fresh daily, and I would suggest to go early as the first time I went they sold out of items I wanted to try in the late afternoon, but if you go around 8-9am you’ll definitely need to try a few!”

Endless Perks

Telescope Coffee is only one of the locally-owned shops you can enjoy once you live at Astella Apartments. So whether you’re shopping, dining out, or checking out your new neighborhood, you can trust that everything has a uniquely local vibe. Find your spot in the rhythm of San Francisco once you live at Astella Apartments.

Toast your move to Astella Apartments with in-house treats at Telescope Coffee. Life is full of perks once you make your move into upscale living.